The Interpreter’s Library

What is this?

My goal is to develop a well-curated collection of interpreting-related resources including books, websites, blogs, working papers, academic journal articles, popular articles. If you would like something added, let me know.


The main value of blogs is that they are regularly updated and provide timely yet long-lasting content.

  • LifeinLINCS: This top-notch interpreting and linguistics blog is ran by Heriot-Watt University in the UK. Content is easy-to-read but excellent quality, and focuses on academic research on sign language, interpreters, and the Deaf community. Read my review here.
  • Lydia Callis by Lydia Callis: This blog is updated regularly and with excellent content – but somewhat infrequently. Ready my review here.
  • The Language Blag by Ben Braithwaite: An excellent blog about sign language linguistics including non-ASL examples (thank you!), and regularly updated with high-quality content.
  • Sign Space by Matt Brown. Linguistics, theory, coding, and research. Very readable. Updated regularly.
  • Anonymous Interpreters by Jennifer Smith (if that is her real name). This is an excellent, up-to-date blog about current events in the interpreting world in the U.K. Like I am to do here on the The Interpreting Report, Jennifer’s blog is one of the very few blogs that focuses on structural, legal, political, and economic issues. Kudos to Jennifer and her guest authors.
  • The Interpreter Diaries by Michelle Hof.
  • Interpretings by Elisabet Tiselius.
  • NAJIT Blog by the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators
  • Want Words is a blog by and for translators, but it focuses on business-related themes that are well-suited for working interpreters.


Great books that interpreters should read.


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