Deaf child playing in this area

I haven’t seen one of these signs in years, but I ran across this one today by accident. Does anyone know the story behind these? There has to be a story… 



9 thoughts on “Deaf child playing in this area”

  1. I’m not sure there’s a story – more an assumption that Deaf children don’t hear cars.

    We have signage like that near schools for deaf kids in the UK. The people who put them up forget that deaf kids are *the best* at looking before they step out… whereas hearing kids assume that they’ll hear you coming. Which is fine, until they have their ears stuffed full of music, and step right out into the street in front of cars.

    The number of hearing people I nearly run over each week on my bike because bikes are silent… so don’t exist!

    Rant over!

    1. Hah! That’s so true and it’s exactly what I think every time I see a sign like this. Like, “hello!”, what about all kinds of people who are oblivious to the world around them. But surely there must have been one law suite of a deaf kid who got hit by a car. This is the US after all.

  2. We had them put up for our daughter, because she is hard of hearing and has Down syndrome (cognitive delays) so she can’t hear cars well, and doesn’t understand the danger.

      1. Oh, I see. I thought you meant that you recognized that sign outside of your home in Columbus. Thanks for sharing, Andrea.

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