Billing Software for Interpreters

When I first started interpreting I designed an invoice in Apple Pages, and used that to do all of my billing for a long time. It was simple, clean, and it worked.

About a year ago I got tired of typing my hours into a Word document and decided to try one of several online billing apps that would allow me to track hours and generate invoices.

I tried Freshbooks, Zoho Invoice, and Harvest. I ended up choosing Zoho Invoice because it has a free option and seemed a lot more intuitive overall. I can enter hours each day into my timesheet, and then generate an invoice form un-billed hours whenever I need. Then I download a PDF of the invoice and email to my agency.


There are a lot of great options that I don’t use, such as emailing from within the app and allowing clients to pay online through a bunch of methods.

I’m curious. Do you use billing software as a contractor? If so, what? If not, how do you do your billing?


2 thoughts on “Billing Software for Interpreters”

  1. Hello Austin! I was so glad to see your article. My husband and I are both Nationally Certified Sign Language Interpreters. We were freelancing for several years and going crazy trying to remember who we had invoiced, which agency a particular job had been done for, copying and pasting, going thru emails and text messages….we thought there has to be a better way! We designed a scheduling/invoicing software just for our needs as freelance interpreters. It made keeping track of our business so simple and agencies love our invoices! There is too much to tell so please take a look and let us know what you think: We have since stated our own agency and tweaked a version of TerpTracker for agencies as well. It’s awesome! 🙂 Please look us up on Facebook as well.

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