Should interpreters have a professional website?


Interpreters are language professionals that sell their unique skill set to customers who need to meet their communication needs. Interpreters are certainly knowledge workers, although we are a peculiar kind in that our work is not captured in easily defined “products”.

This means that it’s all the more important for interpreters, many of whom are independent contractors or freelancers, to put a face on their work. To have an online presence and perhaps a portfolio.

Not a blog, like this one. A real website that sells your image as a professional and allows people to hire you.

But after a quick internet search last night, I noticed that unlike other knowledge workers, I can’t find any ASL interpreters who have their own professional websites.

Do you know of any interpreters with professional websites?

Do you think interpreters should have professional websites?

Why are they so rare in our field?


4 thoughts on “Should interpreters have a professional website?”

  1. I have mine and it was actually quite simple to set up with the help of some dear friends. I do think having online presence is paramount, especially for interpreters.

  2. I have seen many interpreters that do have websites–though most often they are folks that do more than interpret (presenters, educators, etc). I think it’s a great idea and good practice in theory. However, it is something that requires upkeep. How many people that set up websites actually curate them? It can become a double edged sword in our information age. Outdated websites, websites that don’t change, websites with inaccurate information can just as easily turn off folks as convince them to use your service. Perhaps as more tech savvy interpreters enter the field, this will change and a website/online presence will become de rigueur.

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