2014 in Review, 2015 in Prospect

Chihuly at the Columbus Museum of Art.
Chihuly at the Columbus Museum of Art.

The Interpreting Report is alive! I took a four-month hiatus during the fall semester, but I’ll be back in 2015 with regular posts again. 2014 was an interested year for me in terms of interpreting. I didn’t work a ton of hours in 2014, but I made progress in a few areas that are interesting to reflect on.

First, I started using Zoho Invoice to manage billable time. This was a great enhancement and I wish I had done it years ago. The invoicing system allows me to log time as I work, then generate an invoice with a single click. I used to use some weird system that I devised when I started interpreting – very sloppy. Also, as long as you only have a few clients, Zoho Invoice is free. And free is a price I can always afford. (Should I do a review of invoicing systems on here? Let me know.)

Second, I presented a workshop on research at the OCRID conference in Spring 2014. The workshop was generally well-reviewed, and it was the first time I had presented on a more, let’s call it, “social theory” approach to analyzing interpreting, i.e. understanding the social context of interpreters beyond process models or individualistic ethical models (the CPC, etc.). Which led to…

Third, I developed (am developing) an 8-week course called “Introduction to Critical Interpreting Studies”, which is an extension and clarification on the OCRID workshop. I will offer it to educational interpreters in 2015. More details to come. But I am very excited about this prospect.

Fourth, for the second time, I changed the blog template to improve ease of reading. The trend in blog templates seems to be towards very large font text and hidden-away page menus. This requires a lot of scrolling to get through even a single blog post, and it can be tricky to find the archive page, popular posts, etc. As an online reader, I prefer to be able to skim a blog post quickly and also to see other blog information at a glance. After much frustration with the last two templates, I came across this yesterday, which seemed to give me renewed inspiration for writing. Do you like it? Let me know in the next poll.


– Austin


2 thoughts on “2014 in Review, 2015 in Prospect”

    1. Thanks, Mike! Happy new year to you, too. Here’s to always improving what we can, and being satisfied with what we cant.

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