OCRID Conference is Next Weekend!

The Ohio (OCRID) state conference for sign language interpreters is just next weekend – May 16-18. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I love being involved in the planning process, and I’m grateful for the entire OCRID team. Good people, them. (See the program overview below.)

I’m excited about three major things.

First, I am looking forward to seeing this year’s batch of student research posters on the first night of the conference. I organized this session last year hoping that my belief in the power of ITP students would pan out. The students did not disappoint. But second acts can be difficult. Fortunately, we have five excellent participants who are ready to share their original thoughts and make a very smart contribution early on in their careers. Kudos to them.

Second, I’m getting some nervous energy about presenting my own three-hour workshop called “Making Research Count”. I’ve resisted doing a three-hour session in the past because I’m more comfortable with research-style presentations which last between 15 and 45 minutes. Plus, even when I do properly teach, my classes are up to 80 minutes, less than half the time. Teaching a workshop is a different beast. But now that I’ve had a little over a year to work on it, I think I’ve boiled it down to the right mix of theory, practice, hand-on work, and discussion. After the conference, I’ll put pieces of the workshop on the blog for your feedback. Oh yeah, and I’ll be signing it, too.

Workshop description: The term “research” – like travel to a foreign country – provokes mixed reactions among sign language interpreters: beguiling to some, terrifying to others. Yet as sign language interpreting grows as a practice profession and more working interpreters earn graduate level degrees, we cannot ignore the increasing importance of academic research. But how can we make research count? Workshop participants will be introduced to core research concepts and current thinking in interpreting research, followed by hands-on training in the art of reading and evaluating interpreting research, applying research to daily practice, incorporating research into workshops and presentations, and improving academic ASL skills. We will learn how to pack our intellectual suitcase for the journey, visit the must-see sights in the current state of interpreting research, learn how to talk with the academic locals, and navigate back to safety. (.3 CEUs)

Third, I’m eager to see us support the Mahoney family during the Saturday evening fundraiser for Audacity to Exist. It’s terrific that Shalene Germani made the event happen. I’m interested in seeing how the audience conversation goes. It’s open to the public, so I hope we see community members of all stripes present for the trailer and the discussion.


I hope to see some of you there.

OCRID new conference schedule


2 thoughts on “OCRID Conference is Next Weekend!”

  1. I was in attendance at one of your previous workshops…maybe last year’s OCRID Spring Conference and it was fantastic, it helped satisfy my curiosity for a while. Wish I could be there for this extended version – good luck, I’m sure you’ll do great!

    1. Julie,

      We will miss you, but I hope you can join us again soon. We try to put on a quality conference for everyone.

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