Morsi’s Defense Wanted to Learn Sign Language

In another terrific article by Peter Hessler (March 10, 2014), a journalist covering the ongoing revolution in Egypt, he remarks that Mohammed Morsi’s defense wanted to learn sign language to communicate with their client through the soundproof cages in which they are kept in the courtroom.

“At the next hearing, another defense lawyer stood up and requested that the trial be delayed until his legal team and its clients were able to learn sign language, so they could communicate. (The judge rolled his eyes–request denied.)”


4 thoughts on “Morsi’s Defense Wanted to Learn Sign Language”

    1. It is silly and insulting when people undervalue signed languages. I also think that it’s interesting that they recognized the utility of sign language in this unique situation. I didn’t think they were suggesting they could learn an entire sign language, but perhaps enough to at least be able to communicate a little bit. I guess we need to know more.

      1. In a naive way, perhaps, but yeah. That’s what I was thinking. Thanks for the comment, Dan. I love reading your posts, too.

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