Unqualified Interpreter at Mandela’s Service: News Archive

Thamsanqa Jantjie, the unqualified interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, continues to receive investigation well-placed criticism from news outlets. The most recent New York Times update is still in the 24-hour news cycle window. But this event will fall out of the news soon. This post is an archive of the news articles surrounding that event. I hope that this is helpful one-stop shop for reviewing the media response to this event. (I will try to add more as they come.)

“Interpreter at Mandela Service Says He Is Schizophrenic and Saw Angels Descend” (New York Times, 12/12/2013)

“Interpreter at Memorial Service Said to Have Been an Impostor” (New York Times, 12/12/2013)

“Mandela Memorial Interpreter Speaks in His Own Defense” (New York Times Blog, 12/12/2013)

“Fake Interpeter Blames Schizophrenia” (CNN Video, 12/12/2013)

“Interpreter Refuses to Sign for CNN” (CNN Video, 12/12/2013)

“Memorial Interpreter a Security Risk” (CNN Video, 12/12/2013)

“Mandela Memorial Interpreter Says He Has Schizophrenia” (Guardian, 12/12/2013)

“Nelson Mandela memorial sign language interpreter denies he is a fake – audio interview” (Guardian, 12/12/2013)

“We made error over Nelson Mandela sign language interpreter – government” (Guardian, 12/12/2013)

“Mandela memorial interpreter says he has history of violent behaviour” (Guardian, 12/12/2013)

“Nelson Mandela: Have Sign Language Interpreters Disappointed the World?” (StreetLeverage, 12/12/2013)

“Dawn Whitcher, RID President, Respondes to Fake Interpreter” (RID Video, YouTube)

“NAD Responds to Interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s Services” (NAD Press Release)

Associated Press Video (AP, YouTube)

Video of Speeches at Service (PBS)

“European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters Reply on the Fake Interpreter at Memorial Service of Nelson Mandela” (EFSLI)

“Deaf Rabbi Responds to Fake Interpreter” (12/12/2013)

“The Deaf World is Watching. Will We Respond?” (Reflexivity Blog, 12/12/2013)

Video Biography of Mandela in International Sign Language

HIS Cheri Martinez on Fox in DC

“Colleges May as Well Say ‘Deaf People Unwelcome Here'”(Chronicle of Higher Education, 12/13/2013)

Real Interpreters Video by Convo (December 17, 2013)

Lost in Translation (PBS, December 17, 2013 )

The ‘Fake’ Mandela Interpreter Said it All by Zizek (Guardian, 12/16/2013)

SNL Fake Interpreter Cold Open (12/14/2013)

Sign Language Interpreter Training Recognized (USA Today, 12/13/2013)

Political Action Urged For Deaf (NYT, 8/8/1982)

Fake interpreter draws ire (Balitimore Sun, 12/17/2013)


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