The Interpreter’s Library: Lydia Callis’ Blog

I was pleased to run across Lydia Callis’ Twitter feed and find that she keeps an excellent blog on her professional website. She is only updating it about twice per month it seems, but I imagine that she is in high demand following her very public interpreting of past-mayor Bloomberg’s warning speech before hurricane Sandy. Perhaps even more impressive to me was the Times article (click here for article) on teaching science in ASL that included a video of Lydia. I loved the mixed media in that article, and I hope to see more like it in the future. (Check out those videos below.) In any case, her blog posts are excellent and worth visiting.

Click here to read Lydia Callis’ blog.


One thought on “The Interpreter’s Library: Lydia Callis’ Blog”

  1. I was disappointed with her science blog and with The New York Times. We have many Deaf scientists who could have contibuted to this blog, and really rocked it. Instead, we have Lydia, who is a “celebrity”, mostly to the hearing community, and not an expert in this genre. She spells terminology incorrectly, uses inaccurate vocabulary and is not an approproate language model in this context. I really wish she would have referred this to someone else, or in the very least, had a Deaf language model to assist her. Truly disappointing. This would have been an amazing opportunity to educate the readers of the New York Times about ASL and science by the leaders in the field.

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