State of the Blog

This “state of the blog” post is a short way to summarize where we’ve come in 3 months.

This blog was created in late July 2013, and in three months I’ve published 34 posts. I don’t care how many people have viewed the blog, since, as I’ve stated on the About page, this is more of a very public first draft of an ongoing project. (Well, not that public, since its not like this blog has “blown up” as they say.) The 34 posts have been useful in starting to outline some of the basic areas of what is required to conduct a comprehensive analysis  of  ASL interpreting. For the most part, none of the material on this site has been explored anywhere else – online or offline – so you, the reader, are hopefully getting some original content, and I am seeing some themes take shape. It’s all rather tentative right now. I see the value in keeping this up, so I’m committed to continuing this approach.

I’d love to see this get wider readership and more reactions. If you  share this blog with other working interpreters, I could imagine more conversation taking place and perhaps getting some guest editors to post. Who knows. And that’s the state of the blog.

P.S.: Here’s a self-portrait, just in case you’re trying to put a face with a name.



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