The Interpreter’s Library: Bibliography of Deaf Interpreter Research

The Deaf Interpreter Institute is an organization that provides resources for, by, and about Deaf Interpreters. The most impressive resource they provide are summaries in ASL of key research articles and dissertations related to interpreting. The content is well-curated and the summaries are appropriately concise in both ASL and English. Keep in mind: these are summaries not reviews. Summaries try to condense the main points of research. Reviews situate research studies in the broader field by addressing how the research advances the field and/or discusses problems with the research study. Annotated bibliographies are lists of publications that are summarized and reviewed usually for personal or in-house use. For this reason, even though the page is called an “annotated bibliography”, there’s nothing especially “annotated” about it. It’s a pretty traditional bibliography with the abstracts signed in ASL. That in now way detracts from its value as a great resources and a good model to build on for future projects.

I have a similar goal in mind with starting the Interpreter’s Library page on this site, except I am trying to add value by actually critically reviewing most of resources that are posted there, not just summarizing them.

The videos are clearly embedded from Vimeo, but since there is no source link, I can’t cross-embed them here. You’ll have to follow the link below to see them for yourself. And you should see for yourself, because it’s really cool.

Click here for the annotated bibliography of research literature on deaf interpreters.


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