Poster Session for Interpreters

At the OCRID (Ohio Chapter of RID) conference earlier this year, the organizers were generous enough to let me organize a student poster session. I was very proud of the applicants we accepted. Everyone had something original to contribute. A variety of research methods were used and the poster designs were splendid.

What’s a poster session, you ask? A poster session is an event where participants present their original contributions to a field using a visual display. Kind of like a middle school science fair, but without the random puffs of smoke and 12 year olds trying to catch escaping hamsters. Poster sessions are common at academic conferences, but not unheard of at trade shows and other professional gatherings. Attendees have the freedom to browse the posters and mingle with the presenters. It’s a great way for newer interpreters to get lower-stakes presentation experience, and it’s a great way for more experienced interpreters to meet the up-and-comers.

I am excited about promoting a similar poster session at the 2014 OCIRD conference. I hope to see poster sessions used more widely at interpreting conferences in the future.


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